Ted Dillard

Ted Dillard is an evangelist for all things electric. He writes The Electric Chronicles (devoted to two-wheeled electric vehicles), and is the author of ...from Fossils to Flux , a basic guide to building an electric motorcycle, and Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles. When he’s not in his garden or in his shop working on his next electric project, he can be found at www.evmc2.com.

"Since the first ride in an Electric Renault- the Mars 2 in 1968, I've had a continuing fascination with electric vehicles. In 2006 I started researching the design and construction of electric motorcycles.  I've built electric bicycles, including a 30mph electric BMX (dubbed "Sparky"), motor-scooters, garden tractors and even an electric roto-tiller, featured here on Home Power.

In July '09 I started building my first conversion project- an '84 Honda VF500F, completed in May '10. My latest project is a vintage road-racer restoration and build - a classic 1971 Yamaha R5 frame with 1972 Yamaha T3 parts.  The first road tests of the bike yeilded performance surpassing the original gasoline-powered race bikes."