Ian Woofenden

Ian Woofenden has lived off-grid with wind electricity, solar electricity, solar hot water, and wood heat on an island in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years, where he raised his large family, ran multiple businesses, and now focuses on educational work in the renewable energy industry.

His roles in the industry are:

  • Senior editor for Home Power magazine since 1998, where he writes about wind electricity and other renewable energy topics, and works with authors and readers.
  • Workshop coordinator and instructor who pioneered programs in renewable energy for the Northwest U.S. and Costa Rica.
  • Wind electricity instructor for various non-profit and private institutions.
  • Occasional member of wind-electric installation crews.
  • Co-author of Power from the Wind by Dan Chiras, and author of Wind Power for Dummies.
  • Co-founder of the Small Wind conference 
  • Co-moderator of the small-wind home listserv <http://www.yahoogroups.com/list/small-wind-home>
  • Independent consultant and salesperson for residential and small commercial renewable energy systems and home energy efficiency strategies.