Hugh Piggott

Hugh Piggott has lived off-grid since 1974, at Scoraig in North West Scotland.  During most of that time he has worked on design, installation, and repair of small wind power turbines and systems.  Hugh teaches courses relating to small scale renewable energy, mostly hands-on wind turbine contruction workshops, in many countries.  He enjoys talking about wind turbines and getting paid for it, but also answers questions from many enthusiasts around the world by email.  Several organisations are using Piggott designs for small scale wind turbine production around the world, and an association has been formed (see 

Hugh has written several books publised by CAT publications in the UK, most notably "Windpower workshop", a classic textbook for small wind turbine self-build.  More recently his "wind turbine recipe book" has helped thousands to build their own small wind turbines.  Hugh writes for Home Power magazine.