Grey Chisholm

Born twixt & between mountains and bayous. Raised on the road in mobile America. Grey launched his adult career by accident being "shanghied" by an uncle to commercial fish salmon in Alaska when he was 17. A boy making a man's wages doing a man's job will leave a mark. Grey has been going to sea ever since.

Fishing boats (commercial and charter), inland tugs, ocean going tugs, ferry boats, Coast Guard Cutters, Navy warships, tankers (crude oil and product), break bulk, Ro-Ro, Survey....... Grey has worked for almost every canoe club there is. He is half engineer, half cook and 100% Navigator and Mariner. His father taught him his knots before he could spell. Grey transformed knot tying into art as one of his busineses, Fair Winds design.

Raised in the late 60's and early 70's, alternate life styles couldn't help but wear off. So at least half of a hippy/back to the Earth attitude made its stamp on Grey.

While in the Navy, Grey met Michele, a graphic artist. They dated for quite a while, marrying more than 20-years ago. Michele is now a professional Potter (Chisholm Pottery) and Grey is still sailing (Captain of the USNS WATERS), making jewelry when home. Together they live off grid south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, garden and raise bees.

Life is good.

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