Benjamin Root

Ben studied Graphic Design at Western Washington University in Bellingham at the bleeding edge of the "desktop publishing revolution" (and way before Al Gore invented the Internet). But the design industry has a way of pushing talent towards promoting the worst in pop culture, capitalism, and rampant consumerism. So, in '95 he perused a career shift by studying renewable energy at Solar Energy International in Carbondale Colorado. A lead from a favorite instructor there got him hooked up with Home Power magazine, where he could use his existing skill-set to reinforce his personal interests and social morals. He's been the main graphics dude since then. Ben's pride is designing article that "teach" in a wholistic way, cross-referencing text, photos, graphs, and technical illustrations to convey the main concepts to readers of any learning style. His pet peeve? energy, and other misconceptions about physics. His credo?...take your skill-set, and apply it to something that matters to you...use your superpowers for good.