Andy Kerr

Andy Kerr is the Czar of The Larch Company and consults on environmental and conservation issues. The Larch Company is a for-profit non-membership conservation organization that represents the interests of humans yet born and species that cannot talk.

He is best known for his two decades with the Oregon Wild (then Oregon Natural Resources Council), the organization best known for having brought you the northern spotted owl. Kerr began his conservation career during the Ford Administration.

Kerr has been intimately involved in the enactment of over 25 pieces of state and federal public lands conservation legislation. He has testified before congressional committees on several occasions.

He has lectured at all of Oregon's leading universities and colleges, as well at Harvard and Yale. Kerr has appeared numerous times on national television news and feature programs and has published numerous articles on environmental matters. He is a dropout of Oregon State University.

Kerr authored Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes (The Mountaineers Books, 2000) and Oregon Wild: Endangered Forest Wilderness (Timber Press, 2004).

His next book is Beyond Wood: The Case For Forests and Against Logging, which will argue that trees generally grow slower than money, forests are more important for any other use than fiber production, America can get nearly all of its fiber products from agricultural waste and other crops with less environmental impact, and that most private timberland in this nation should be reconverted to public forestlands.

Past and current clients include Advocates for the West, Campaign for America’s Wilderness, Conservation Northwest, Idaho Conservation League, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, National Public Lands Grazing Campaign, Oregon Natural Desert Association, Oregon Wild, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council, The Wilderness Society, Western Watersheds Project and the Wilburforce Foundation.

Current projects include advocating for additional Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon, legislating the protection and restoration of Pacific Northwest forests, facilitating voluntary grazing permit buyout of federal public lands, and conserving and restoring the Sagebrush Sea.

Kerr is presently on the board of directors of the North American Industrial Hemp Council. He is a former board member of Friends of Opal Creek, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, The Coast Alliance and Alternatives to Growth Oregon.

Kerr's official public office is that of having been an Oregon Notary Public from 1983-1999.

A fifth-generation Oregonian, Kerr was born and raised in Creswell, a recovered timber town in the upper Willamette Valley. He presently splits his time between Ashland, a recovered timber town in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, and Washington, DC, where the most important decisions affecting Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife and wild waters are made.