Al Rutan

The renewable energy community lost a true pioneer on January 9, 2005, and those who knew Al Rutan lost a true friend. Al passed on while staying at the home of a friend and doing what he loved—designing and fabricating a methane digester plant.

Al’s dedication to our movement of renewable energy and energy self-sufficiency was technically astute, and tempered with a true concern for the animals involved in the production process. Al knew instinctively and believed deeply that we must always consider the well-being of all the creatures of Mother Earth in our quest for energy independence. His concern for the animals who walk the Earth with us is only part of Al’s legacy. A former schoolteacher, Al never lost his love and desire for sharing his knowledge and experience with others who wanted to learn about methane and energy self-sufficiency. Through his Website and his writings, Al Rutan shared the message of energy self-sufficiency with all who sought his knowledge.

Al, for your knowledge and skill, your dedication and compassion, your love of renewable energy, your willingness to share and, most of all, your friendship, we thank you. You will be missed.

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