MAILBOX: Chevy Volt Charging

Guy Marsden in his Chevy Volt

I’ve been charging my Chevy Volt with a grid-tied PV system since 2011. No matter how you calculate the economics, it’s very satisfying in several ways:

  • After all the ups and downs of the oil economy (not to mention our ongoing military entanglement in the Middle East), driving on locally harvested sun power really feels good.
  • In areas with inexpensive grid power, the payback for a PV system can still be a fairly long time. Once you start competing with the cost of gas, the payback for charging your car with a PV system is much quicker.
  • We’ve all learned to drive gently and accelerate slowly to conserve fuel—about the only way we can try to be sustainable with fossil fuels.

But when you’re driving on renewable energy, there is not quite the same need to drive so conservatively. In fact, I can see no reason not to have fun driving again, and indulge in the occasional spirited acceleration. My Volt won’t burn rubber, but it will come pretty close!

J. Corning • via

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