Randy Udall

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Randy Udall, former director of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE), is one of the nation’s leading activists in promoting energy sustainability. His partnerships with electric utilities and local governments have led to remarkable accomplishments, including Colorado’s first solar energy incentive program, the world’s first Renewable Energy Mitigation Program which has raised $7 million, and some of the most progressive green power purchasing programs in the country.

Udall started the first “solar production incentive” program in the United States. In partnership with Holy Cross Energy, a rural electric utility in western Colorado, his efforts will keep ten million tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere over the next 20 years.

Udall is co-founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA and has keynoted annual conferences for the American Public Power Association, the American Wind Energy Association, and the American Solar Energy Society. Udall was recently featured in a CNBC documentary The Hunt for Black Gold.

Randy hails from a Western political family renowned for conservation policy. He is the son of Morris (Mo) Udall, former Arizona congressman and the nephew of Stuart Udall, former Secretary of the Interior. His brother Mark and cousin Tom currently represent Colorado and New Mexico in the U.S. Senate.

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