Renewable Energy Glossary

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Waste Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil that is a byproduct of industries, such as fast-food or restaurants. To be used as fuel, waste vegetable oil must be processed and filtered.


The unit of measurement for power.


Caulking and weather-stripping to reduce air infiltration and exfiltration into/out of a building.


A diversion structure that directs water into an intake screen or sluiceway and into the penstock.

Wild AC

Variable frequency and voltage AC output that changes based on the speed of the turbine. A rectifier can change this to DC for battery charging or input into an inverter. The operating voltage is determined by the load (e.g. battery). The turbine speed and voltage rises until it is loaded.

Wind Power

The conversion of wind energy into electricity, through a wind turbine.

Wound-Field Generator

A generating device that uses field coils to create magnetism from an electric current. The relative movement of this magnetism through other coils creates electricity.

Wraparound Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger that is in direct contact with the outside of a solar storage tank.


Waste vegetable oil (WVO) is used as fuel in home heating or vehicle fuel applications. Because of the impurities associated with its primary use, which include particulates as well as fatty acids that can corrode many common metals, WVO must be processed and filtered.

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