W 409.01 Math and Code for Small Wind

W 409.01 Math and Code for Small Wind

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Participants in this course will learn to effectively reference and use the National Electrical Code (NEC) with regard to the installation of small wind energy systems, and to properly size conductors, overcurrent protection, and associated equipment for grid interactive and battery-based systems. Many of the calculations and processes in this course align with the Job Task Analysis for the NABCEP Small Wind Installer Certification.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Clarify the purpose, scope, and layout of the NEC
Gather resources for additional information and practice
Review key "general" rules in NEC Chapters 1-4 and how they apply to small wind installations
Calculate conductor ampacity, correct conductor ampacity for temperature change and rooftop installations, adjust conductor ampacity for multiple conductors in a raceway, and calculate ampacity of cords and cables
List conductive and resistive properties of materials and circuits
Calculate voltage drop in electric circuits, determine appropriate conductor size for circuits that are affected by voltage drop, and alter voltage drop calculations for temperature changes
Navigate Chapter 9 Tables for conductor and raceway dimensions and calculate maximum number of conductors that are permitted in a given raceway
Caculate the minimum volume required in pull and junction boxes and select minimum size of pull and junction boxes required for given installation scenarios

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