Solar Thermal Water Heating:Overview,Space Htg & Maintenance

Solar Thermal Water Heating:Overview,Space Htg & Maintenance

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Appalachian Energy Center


Appalachian State University Campus
North Carolina
United States

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Solar thermal is an attractive solar technology that can offset a significant fraction of cost and carbon emissions associated with domestic hot water production and space heating in both residential and commercial buildings. This workshop will cover aspects of solar water heating, including system design, sizing, component selection, installation, performance verification, and maintenance. A tour of a campus system is included. Content closely aligns with the NABCEP Solar Heating objectives.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to identify and describe various system designs, including strategies to provide freeze protection and manage overheating.
2. Participants will learn about common system components including collectors, mounting hardware, pumps, and controllers and how to appropriately size solar thermal systems.
3. Participants will focus on active space heating designs that provide energy storage and thermal comfort in commercial and residential buildings.
4. Participants will learn about the common maintenance issues associated with solar thermal installations and strategies to keep these systems at optimal performance.

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