REPVO: Online Fundamentals of PV Design & Installation

REPVO: Online Fundamentals of PV Design & Installation

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10/03/17 to 11/09/17
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NC Clean Energy Technology Center at NC State University


North Carolina
United States

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(919) 624-3061

This 6-week online class is the REPV online equivalent without the hands-on installation day. This is a 6 week, 40 hour, photovoltaic workshop under the Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series. This course gives participants the flexibility to take courses online – either through the 2 weekly scheduled live sessions or the 2 weekly recorded lectures. Live online classes will take place twice a week, 2.5 hours each session. These live lectures take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00pM-2:30 PM. Those who cannot attend the live lectures can watch the recorded versions. Online REPV is dedicated to the technical aspect of photovoltaics, including solar fundamentals and proper system siting, electrical load analysis and system sizing, system types, components , applications, wiring and best practices with respect to installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This course covers all topics included in the NABCEP associate learning objectives. Supplemental readings and assignment submittals are required in addition to the lectures. Multiple choice quizzes with a total of 150 questions covering lecture content and supplementary reading content are an additional requirement for successful course completion. Quizzes must be passed by 70% or better. An optional NABCEP Associate Exam is offered after successful completion of the course. After completing this class, we recommend taking the 1 day hands-on grid-tied PV installation class, at the NC Clean Energy Technoloy

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