Renewable Energy for the Developing World—Hands-On

Renewable Energy for the Developing World—Hands-On

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04/02/16 to 04/10/16
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Rancho Mastatal
Costa Rica
Learn about renewable energy technologies for the developing world in the developing world! Hands-on learning will occur at Rancho Mastatal, a private nature reserve in Costa Rica. Course is taught by Home Power magazine senior editor Ian Woofenden and an amazing crew. This workshop provides an introduction to all the major renewable energy technologies with a focus on designing and installing small, rural systems. We'll get our hands dirty -- the majority of the workshop is hands-on field work, and it also includes classroom sessions and the following projects: 1) building and using solar ovens, 2) a solar hot water or solar-electric system, and 3) installation or maintenance of a methane biodigestor. This is an experiential program, with a non-technical, overview focus. These hands-on installations give participants the opportunity to interact with local members of the community, experience both the challenges and satisfaction of working within the developing world, and the opportunity to install systems that can dramatically improve the living conditions of the local people. Workshop Topics include: Solar Electricity Wind Electricity Micro-Hydro Electricity Solar Hot Water Solar Cooking and Food Drying (with Sol Verde, a women's cooperative) Methane Biogas Digesters (with Viogaz) Technology Transfer and System Maintenance Social & Cultural Issues of Working in the Developing World Hands-On Installations in the Local Community
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