PVOL350: Tools and Techniques for Operation and Maintenance

PVOL350: Tools and Techniques for Operation and Maintenance

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11/06/17 to 12/17/17
$ 595
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Solar Energy International


United States

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PVOL350 is an advanced online training targeted towards solar professionals who want to take their technical skills to the next level. This course is geared towards training PV technicians to safely and effectively perform operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks including inspections, commissioning, performance verification, and troubleshooting. Likewise, those managing fleet operations and system data will find this course challenging and valuable.
instructors with real-world experience, using curriculum developed by an industry-leading team of experts. Students will become familiar with a wide range of advanced analytical tools, meters, and techniques – such as insulation resistance testers, IV curve tracers, and infrared cameras – and learn the advanced skills required to ensure PV systems operate safely and reliably.

This course is applicable to all sizes of grid-direct PV systems including residential, commercial, and large-scale; it does not cover battery maintenance or medium voltage-specific O&M.
Prerequisites: Before participating in the PVOL350 course, students are required to complete PV101/PVOL101, an equivalent course from another organization, or demonstrate field experience and pass a placement quiz AND PV202/PVOL202 (or 2 years industry experience). Please contact sei@solarenergy.org if you feel you are qualified to skip the prerequisi

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