PV203 PREP: Battery-based PV System Fundamentals

PV203 PREP: Battery-based PV System Fundamentals

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04/08/13 to 05/19/13
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Solar Energy International


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This online course allows immediate access so you can start your battery-based solar education on your own schedule! PV203 PREP is an online, on-demand, 18 credit hour course covering fundamental principals of battery-based solar PV installation and design, as addressed in NABCEP's Entry Level Exam Learning Objectives and PV Installer Job Task Analysis. This course has been designed to give students the battery-based fundamentals required to take PV301L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-based), and the NABCEP Entry Level Exam. Enrollment in this course gives 6 weeks access. This course 'PREP's you for the NABCEP Exams and/or PV301L, and can be taken as a shorter version of our full PVOL203.

Students who complete the PV203 PREP Course will be able to perform the following:
• Describe how each component is configured for various types of PV systems: PV direct, stand–alone, PV/hybrid, and grid-tied with battery-backup
• Diagram battery banks in various series and parallel configurations and calculate values for current, voltage, power, and energy
• Calculate load estimates
• Identify the appropriate inverter for small stand-alone systems, residential applications, and grid-tied with battery back-up systems
• Compare and contrast DC coupled and AC coupled PV systems
• Identify the pros/cons of using sealed versus flooded batteries
• Determine the state of charge of a battery
• List safety precautions and equipment required to work with batteries, etc

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ISPQ Training Program Accreditation
Registered provider of the NABCEP Entry-Level PV Exam
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NABCEP Continuing Education PV Installer Recertification