PV203 PREP: Battery-based PV System Fundamentals

PV203 PREP: Battery-based PV System Fundamentals

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02/11/13 to 03/24/13
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Solar Energy International


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The goal of this course is to create a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to work with battery-based PV systems, including the purpose, applications, and design criteria required for different types of charge controllers, batteries, and battery-based inverters. Students will learn to perform application-based load analysis, how to safely work with batteries, how to select the array tilt angle, and how grounding terminology, disconnects and overcurrent protection apply to battery-based systems.
Students who complete the PV203 PREP Course will be able to perform the following:
• Describe how each component is configured for various types of PV systems: PV direct, stand–alone, PV/hybrid, and grid-tied with battery-backup
• Diagram battery banks in various series and parallel configurations and calculate values for current, voltage, power, and energy
• Calculate load estimates
• Identify the appropriate inverter for small stand-alone systems, residential applications, and grid-tied with battery back-up systems
• Compare and contrast DC coupled and AC coupled PV systems
• Identify the pros/cons of using sealed versus flooded batteries
• Determine the state of charge of a battery
• List safety precautions and equipment required to work with batteries
• List the features, options, and metering available on charge controllers
• Describe how maximum power point tracking and voltage step-down affect a system, and more ...

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