PV Design & Installation Lab (PV 301.01)

PV Design & Installation Lab (PV 301.01)

Event Date(s): 
05/01/17 to 05/04/17
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Midwest Renewable Energy Association


Midwest Renewable Energy Association
7558 Deer Road
United States

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(715) 592-6595

This four-day course offers participants an advanced level of lecture and hands-on learning that will prepare them for field installations and other advanced courses. Participants will learn how to correctly design, size, and select PV system components and identify and interpret National Electric Code (NEC) articles that pertain to the installations. While working on a training roof and various PV labs and installation projects, participants will learn safety procedures, system design and layout, component selection and specification, electrical and mechanical integration techniques, and troubleshooting. Register at: https://www.midwestrenew.org/produc...

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