PV 703.03 PV Program Development

PV 703.03 PV Program Development

Event Date(s): 
09/12/14 to 09/13/14
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Midwest Renewable Energy Association


Solar Powering Michigan
Traverse City
United States

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(715) 592-6595

This 16-hour course is offered for instructors and administrators looking to advance PV design, installation, and sales training at their institutions. The resources in this course are designed for program managers looking to integrate PV content into their curriculum or design a program of study for PV Design and Installation or PV Technical Sales professionals. The course includes best practices for curriculum development, solar content integration, student hands-on experience, accreditation, student recruitment, articulation, and local market development. The courses provides participants with resources on state market conditions and growth scenarios, solar career pathways, case studies of successful programs, strategies for accreditation and student certification, student service learning arrangements, community outreach materials,, and model transfer agreements to 4-year colleges. Participants in this course will also gain access to curriculum resources including presentations, videos, manuals, and evaluations from the accredited training programs at the MREA and Kankakee Community College.

PV 701 or PV 705
or affiliation with an active PV training program

Trainings, Workshops, Courses and Seminars
Nick Hylla, MREA; Tim Wilhelm, Kankakee Community College
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