PV 203.03 PV Sales and Finance

PV 203.03 PV Sales and Finance

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Midwest Renewable Energy Association


Solar Powering Michigan
Traverse City
United States

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This one-day course begins with having participants learn various sales techniques used to approach potential PV system customers. Next, participants review basic financial concepts used to evaluate PV systems including cash flow analysis, return on investment, and present value of an investment. Participants then learn how to determine the costs and benefits of PV system projects by using a financial spreadsheet model to evaluate utility bill savings, cash flow, payback period, financing options, and program incentives. Participants will also be provided temporary access to leading industry financial modeling software to gain experience with a variety of modeling tools. Participants also learn to evaluate PV systems in terms of their benefits to the environment and society. The course concludes with participants completing a practice financial assessment of an example PV system that includes predetermined design and financial specifications.

PV 101 or PV 701
or equivalent

Continuing Education Credits:
7.0 hours for NABCEP PV Technical Sales certification

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Steve Knudsen, MREA
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