ONLINE: NABCEP PV Certification Exam Prep 60-Hour Course

ONLINE: NABCEP PV Certification Exam Prep 60-Hour Course

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Advanced ONLINE: Solar PV System Design and NABCEP Certification Exam Prep

This course focuses on advanced PV system design and problem-solving expertise. There is a strong emphasis on the US National Electrical Code applications that are needed to successfully pass the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam. Participants work through PV system designs —accounting for location, technology, and conditions of use. In addition to design considerations, this course covers emerging PV technologies and utility-scale and large commercial systems. The course has 78 videos and 200 exam questions.

Who takes our course?

-Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Investors
-Contractors and Builders
-Insurance and Real Estate Professionals
-Project Developers and Financiers
-Technical Sales Marketing Professionals
-Electricians and Inspectors
-Engineers and Architects
-Solar Company Employees
-Aspiring solar industry professionals

Online Campus and Course Benefits

-12 months all-access pass to the online courses

-Online LIVE sessions with the instructors

-24-hour access to our online campus allows for flexible schedules

-Satisfies all the solar PV training requirements to apply for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam

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