Milford's 6th annual renewable energy Fair

Milford's 6th annual renewable energy Fair

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Milford High School
62 Norht 300 West
United States

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(435) 463-2288

This annual renewable energy fair happens every spring in the Milford valley of Beaver County home to Utah's largest wind farm, 3 operating geothermal generating plants, Hydro power, four newly approved solar farms, a commercial bio-gas operation, not to mention the many homes, farms, and ranches that now use solar to pump water. The amount and variety of renewable energy production that happens within a fifty mile radius is absolutely amazing, a must see! Please join me and my students as we host the 6th annual renewable energy fair in Milford, Utah April 16th 2014. If you would like booth space or information please contact Andy Swapp at or call 435-463-2288

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