Installing Photovoltaic Systems

Installing Photovoltaic Systems

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12/03/12 to 12/07/12
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Florida Solar Energy Center


United States

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This week-long course covers the design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The program is intended for contractors, electricians, utilities, engineers and other practitioners, with an overall goal of developing "system-knowledgeable" professionals to help ensure the safety and quality of PV system installations. The course format includes a balance of classroom instruction and student-interactive exercises. These exercises include hands-on and demonstration laboratories that simulate the process of designing, installing and commissioning of residential and small commercial grid-connected PV systems, and are intended to develop the participant's working knowledge of PV systems and equipment. An emphasis is placed on code compliance and accepted state-of-the-art industry design and installation practice. Case studies that exemplify a grid-tied photovoltaic installation are presented. The case studies explored rely heavily upon the National Electrical Code and what is considered to be best practice. This workshop is an IREC ISPQ accredited training program. FSEC is also a registered NABCEP PV Entry Level Program Provider. The NABCEP PV Entry Level exam is provided at cost on a voluntary basis to those attending the workshop. The course will be taught by FSEC staff. Teaching staff include a NABCEP certified photovoltaic system installer, licensed Florida electrical and solar contractors, and photovoltaic application and research engineers.

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ISPQ Training Program Accreditation
Registered provider of the NABCEP Entry-Level PV Exam
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