Off-Grid Systems Round Table

Off-Grid Systems Round Table

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Hosted by the Southern Arizona Solar Standards Board, in cooperation with the Pima Association of Governments.

While training opportunities abound in the field of renewable energy systems, very few include exposure to extremely remote, off-grid installations. As the PV industry has shifted focus to urban grid-tie systems, some experienced PV installers in urban areas now have never worked with a battery-based system. And, while NABCEP PV Installer Certification covers off-grid system sizing and safety issues, it doesn't address other critical best practices such as equipment selection, load selection, maintenance and reliability issues, redundant backup systems, customer training and more.

This course gives a unique and detailed, “from the trenches” and beyond the spreadsheets look at the realities of off-grid power system design and installation, with a focus on the most remote and difficult locations. It is intended for professional renewable energy system designers and installers, and homeowners who are serious about living off the grid. The class will be conducted in a round table format, and all participants are encouraged to share their opinions, tips and tricks, horror stories, successes and failures with the class.

This eight-hour class is accredited by both NABCEP and IREC / ISPQ, and all students who successfully complete it are eligible for Continuing Education credits for both organizations.

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Dan Fink, Dan Bartmann
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ISPQ Continuing Education Provider Accreditation
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NABCEP Continuing Education PV Installer Recertification