GLOBE 2014

GLOBE 2014

Event Date(s): 
03/26/14 to 03/28/14
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GLOBE Foundation


Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre - East Build
British Columbia

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(604) 695-5001

13th Biennial GLOBE Conference & Trade Fair on Business & the Environment

For the last 25 years, the GLOBE Series has been at the forefront of new ideas and vital insights on business and sustainability. We have helped corporations embed sustainability into their operations, influenced the global debate on climate change, and accelerated the market for clean technologies and services. Over the next quarter century, more than three billion new middle-class consumers will place unprecedented stresses on the planet's available resources.

Nothing less than a revolution in our thinking will be required to provide the quality of life people will demand while protecting our increasingly vulnerable natural environment. Join us at GLOBE 2014 as we explore how businesses can build resilience and thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

The GLOBE 2014 Conference will provide provocative insights on the world's most pressing energy and sustainability-related issues. Find out how you and your organization can be best positioned in order to survive, succeed, and lead, both now and over the coming decade. The GLOBE Trade Fair will feature leading-edge products, technologies, and services, corporate showcases, and international pavilions highlighting the very best solutions to the world's environmental challenges in three critical areas: Energy, Green Building & Sustainable Cities, and Water.

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