Energy Auditor Bootcamp for BPI Certifications - Denver, CO

Energy Auditor Bootcamp for BPI Certifications - Denver, CO

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11/27/12 to 12/01/12
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CleanTech Education


United States

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(888) 663-5432

Training and study material will prepare you for BPI Testing. Students who successfully pass the written and field testing can achieve both the BPI Analyst and Envelope certifications. These certifications can give the opportunity to perform “Testing In” and “Testing Out, “on existing home weatherization projects. These certifications will also allow you to qualify your business or employer as a BPI accredited contractor as well. Most Local, State as well as Federal programs require an Auditor and/or Contractor to be certified to qualify your customers for rebates and incentives on almost all government and utility sponsored programs.


- Building Science, Building Shell / Envelope

- Thermal & Pressure Boundaries Air Leakage

- Blower Door Set Up & Testing

- Heating and Cooling Systems

- Weatherization

- Insulation

- Lighting and Appliances

- Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) and Carbon Testing (CO)

- BPI Certified Energy Auditor Testing

- BPI Certified Building Analyst Testing

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ISPQ Continuing Education Provider Accreditation
Registered provider of the NABCEP Entry-Level PV Exam
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