BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist

BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist

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12/11/17 to 12/14/17
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NC Clean Energy Technology Center at NCSU & Everblue


NC Clean Energy Technology Center
1575 Varsity Drive, Module 4 Entrance
North Carolina
United States

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(919) 513-4790

This 5 day course is brought to you jointly by the Center and Everblue and can be counted towards the award-winning Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series. The class includes technical theory in the classroom, an assessment exam, and field training and exam.

Building Performance Institute(BPI) Certification is a necessary step for professionals looking to get ahead in the green energy industry that is currently in such high demand. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional course will teach you basic principles of building science to assess energy efficiency in a home while also monitoring conditions that have a direct impact on human health and safety. The course will end with you earning your BPI Certification. BPI Standards emphasize the ‘house-as-a-system’ approach to inspecting a home, meaning that all systems are interconnected, from the HVAC equipment, to the envelope, the foundation, walls, roof, doors and windows. You will learn how to use diagnostic equipment such as the blower door and the combustion analyzer to ensure systems are functioning together correctly to maximize home performance, comfort, energy efficiency, safety and durability. An energy auditor with BPI certification gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that the professional meets the national standards of the Building Performance Institute and that he has passed both a written and a hands-on field exam.

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