Affordable Zero Energy Ready Homes Workshop

Affordable Zero Energy Ready Homes Workshop

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Appalachian Energy Center


Appalachian State University Campus
North Carolina
United States

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(828) 262-8913

Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley recently completed construction on the first certified DOE Zero Energy Ready Home in North Carolina. The home also qualifies for a two-year comfort and energy use guarantee through the Advanced Energy SystemVision program. This workshop will take an in depth look at the construction technologies and techniques involved in building an affordable Zero Energy Ready Home, including a super-insulated building envelope, as well as high performance heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. This workshop includes a tour of affordable Zero Energy Ready homes at various stages of construction.
Learning Objectives:

1. Identify affordable strategies for meeting DOE Zero Energy Ready Home requirements
2. Explore high performance heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for low load homes
3. Discuss the importance of monitoring and maintenance for optimum performance
4. Experience affordable Zero Energy Ready Homes at various stages of construction

Continuing Education Credits: 6 PDH, 6 GCBI, 6 LU|HSW

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