Advanced PV and the 2011 NEC

Advanced PV and the 2011 NEC

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PV currents flow backwards to the grid and with conditions that can be greater than the current and voltage that the PV is rated for, which leads to tricky calculations that we will simplify in this course. This course is a translation of the NEC into language real people understand.

This class will cover the 2011 NEC, including PV ac and dc conductor ampacity calculations, when to and when not to apply the 1.56 correction factor on PV dc circuits, voltage drop (rise) calculations, combiner and recombiner fuse size calculations, when fuses are not required in a combiner, grounding and bonding, voltage temperature calculations, transformerless inverters, bipolar inverters, power factor correction inverters, the 120% rule in subpanels and some comparisons to the Canadian Electrical Code.

PV currents flow from the modules to the grid in a backwards direction causing many differences, such as voltage rise causing higher voltages at the inverter than the grid and higher voltages at the PV than the inverter. PV power is limited by the constraints of the PV effect according to Einstein, so that short circuit currents are typically only 7% more than operating currents, which makes typical overcurrent protection systems impossible for PV. Did you know that you can short circuit a MW of PV at the disconnect of the inverter for 20 years and not cause a properly sized combiner fuse to blow? This class will make sense of the backwards flow inherit in PV systems. Since PV is rated for Standard Test Conditions, we need to understand how systems work at conditions above and below STC. We will learn how to design systems so that they will work safely under conditions of increased irradiance and decreased temperatures.

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Sean White
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