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Sun America Solar & Construction Reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment by producing clean and natural energy from the sun. Global Warming is a threat to our planet�s health and solar energy is a direct and sustainable solution to helping our environment. A typical 3.8 kW system prevents more than 5 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere � the equivalent of planting over an acre of trees each year! Energy Self-Reliance Solar Electricity is energy efficient, reducing the need to send electricity long distances over transmission lines. The power source is directly on your property, generated at the same location the power is used. No need to generate power from a distance or rely on a power plant. In fact, solar electric systems lighten the load on the already over-burdened grid, increasing efficiency and energy security, You can have full control over your electricity expenses. By going solar with Sun America Solar & Construction now, you lock-in your electricity costs for the next 25+ years. Even if you don�t replace 100% of your power with solar photovoltaic (PV), you�ll be diversifying your energy portfolio and reducing your cost risks. Bottom line: solar helps control your costs, manage your energy risk, and increase your cash flow. You transform an energy expense into a fixed asset � your own power source. Sun America uses only the highest performing, most reliable solar equipment on the market. This provides the highest energy efficiency and longest warranties available. ?25-year warranty on panels ?10-year warranty on inverters ?10-year warranty on service, installation and workmanship Customers give us a satisfaction rating of 10! Here's a sampling of what some of our customers have to say: ��I would rate them 10+. Very neat and excellent work.� ��They're very professional and have great prices.� ��They're very fast, efficient and kind people to deal with.� ��They are excellent and know what they are doing.� Call now for a free quote (707) 364-5915 Lic. #597784