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201 Cole Street
78737 Austin , TX
United States
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Native is a unique home construction and renewable energy business. Native designs and constructs zero energy homes, incorporating affordable and reliable renewable energy equipment and systems. Our product offerings include photovoltaics (solar), wind turbines, solar water heating, geothermal heat pumps, and rainwater collection. We service residential, commercial, and government markets throughout central Texas. While Native will retain its ability to provide specific construction and energy services to other builders, architects, or homeowners simply looking to retrofit, Native’s real strength lies in streamlined integration. This innovative integrated approach affords homebuyers the desirable option of skipping the hassle of dealing with several jostling contractors pushing conflicting timetables, and conflicting interests. For existing homeowners looking to make their home more efficient or generate their own electricity, Native offers unique, turnkey solutions. Native leverages its building relationships to provide clients with not just solar panels, but additional energy upgrades as well. “Improving an existing home is often a more sustainable solution than building a new home, and we can now bundle services like rainwater harvesting, roofing, insulation, solar, and geothermal heat pump installations for our existing home clients.” From an industry standpoint, Native’s integrated expertise in both building construction and renewable systems allows it to custom-tailor a complete fit to any homebuyer’s needs and budget. Native can manage and complete a project in its entirety or it can execute more focused services in construction, renewable systems, or both as the project demands.
Renewable Energy & Related Services Offered: 
Solar Electricity
Solar Water Heating
Wind Electricity
Battery Backup / Energy Storage
Solar Home Design/Construction
Geothermal Heat Pump Systems