Off-Grid Green Living Center, Inc.

11010 Midlothian Turnpike
23235 Richmond , VA
United States
Virginia US


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Below is a brief overview of Off-Grid Green Living Center, Inc., a new company in Midlothian, VA. This facility is a collaboration of three separate businesses and one non-profit organization opening in three phases, with phase one now open. We would like to assure you that even though we are a new company, we are very experienced in our field. Our president, members of our Board of Directors and affiliate partners have been in the energy and solar business for up to forty years. In addition, many local, state and federal energy officials are working closely with our facility, as well as, representatives from Dominion Resources and Pepco Energy Services. Off-Grid Green Living Center�s Retail store sells Eco-friendly, energy efficient, renewable energy and sustainable building products that benefit and enhance the lives of our friends and neighbors. Our product lines are unique and not available at the local home improvement or retail store. The staff conducts extensive research, acquiring the latest technology, producing the least impact on the earth, all the while, saving our clients the most money. The Wholesale store sells renewable energy products & sustainable building products to the construction industry. Virginia Renewable Energy School conducts classes for those wanting to begin a career or transition into the field of renewable energy. We give installers and sales professionals the skills and experience that distinguishes them from their competition. We provide the students with a certification that provides a sense of security and protection to the clients they serve. We are in the process of becoming IREC/ISPQ accredited and we offer courses for students to become NABCEP certified in all fields of renewable energy. Solar Trackers USAᆰ is a sales and installation company staffed by the Virginia Renewable Energy School certified course graduates. These graduates are an elite group of renewable energy sales professionals and installers that are proud of the industry they are in with a passion for the service they provide. They conduct themselves in a manner that is viewed with the highest esteem. We service residential, commercial and government facilities. Green Living Education Center of Virginia is a non-profit venue for schools & groups, as well as, the general public wanting to gather knowledge in the field of renewable energy and sustainable/green living. There is an indoor interactive media center with two mini-IMAX theaters, that will engage and captivate all audiences. There is a large outdoor education center that uses hands on experience to teach the skills needed for leading a sustainable lifestyle, displayed in an enriching and nurturing environment, planned by our Board of Directors and designed and managed by local youth organizations and our community volunteers. Each of the businesses are incorporated and set-up with their own board of directors, consisting of; educators, entrepreneurs, members of civic organizations and local government leaders in the fields of energy and environment, as well as, sales and administration. The concept of the center is to have the capability of running 100% off-grid, to educate our communities with a large focus on youth, how to be more self sufficient, to lessen our dependence on government and foreign countries, as well as, lessen our environmental impact on the earth. We have been in the news, check us out at the following links: We would love for you to stop by our new location for a visit! Please let us know if you would like to be added to our email list for updates and specials, or if you have a group, club or school that would like to schedule a tour at the Green Living Education Center of Virginia. (804)464-2498