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Green Planet Options is a Connecticut based energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting, design and development firm. We assist individuals, non-profit organizations, municipalities, government agencies, developers and businesses in planning and funding energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy systems and LEED certified design for their new and existing buildings. Our knowledge and experience can help you identify, fund and implement sustainable solutions that work. Our Approach Our goal is to identify, design and develop energy efficient buildings, energy conservation measures and renewable energy systems. From program development to project implementation and financing, we will help you identify and implement sustainable solutions that work. The following are some of the areas where we can assist clients: Building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Modeling and Programming Green Planet Options uses building and site energy evaluation and modeling programs that can quickly help you identify and compare potential design options and cost evaluations for conservation measures and renewable energy systems. We are able to produce 3D computer models as well as statistical charts and spreadsheets that accurately show the improvements and compute the reduction in emissions and potential energy and dollar savings over time. System and Building Design Green Planet Options is headed by a licensed, LEED accredited architect with a strong track record in sustainable design and renewable energy development. We use state of the art design and modeling programs that quickly identify options for sustainable building and system design. We work with a team of dedicated professionals that are passionate about their fields. Our services include: - Building design including passive and active solar design, zero net energy and LEED certified - System design including photovoltaic solar, solar thermal, geothermal heating and cooling, micro co-generation, wind energy and high efficiency - Building Improvements including site, building, equipment and overall efficiency upgrades Consulting Services Green Planet Options provides renewable energy and LEED consulting services to architects, engineers, real estate professionals, property managers and developers. Community Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program Development We work with communities and municipalities to develop and establish local Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs. The programs provide a central source of assistance to community residents and businesses who wish to explore green options and reduce their energy expenses. The individual program models we develop have the following goals: - Promote towns and communities as "green and sustainable" attracting new investment - Contribute to Federal efforts to reduce carbon footprint and address global warming - Appreciation of property values - Creating additional dollars to local economy through realized energy savings Funding and Financing With a staff and consultants experienced in project multi-source funding and finance, Green Planet Options specializes in developing creative ways to fund and finance energy conservation measures and renewable energy projects. We identify potential funding sources and coordinate public -private partnerships bringing together resources that make each project economically feasible. We have worked with a large group of government and NGO funding agencies to develop a broad range of options for funding and financing. Whether the project is small or large, we can provide the expertise to structure deals that minimize payback time and maximize return on investment.