Alternative Energy Southeast Inc.

Year Established: 
615 Deer Run
30047 Lilburn , GA
United States
Georgia US


Full Time Employees: 
NABCEP Certifications on Staff: 
UL Certifications on Staff: 
Casey M. Busch
Electrical Contractor- Non Restricted
License Number: 

AES provides certified professionals in the following categories:

Solar Photovoltaics
Solar Thermal
Wind Power
Energy Efficiency Management
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As well as all of the electrical services required for:

Commercial Lighting and Power Distribution
LEED Certified Buildings
Lighting Retrofits
Health Care Systems
Data Centers
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Systems
Power Factor Correction
Residential Construction
Security and Alarms
Industrial Motor Controls
Troubleshooting/Service Work

We can agree that the best employees are ones that bring both talent and productivity every day to the workplace. That's exactly what AES offers our customer. We call it the Code of Excellence, and it's our promise that we will bring the most skilled and hardest working electricians to the job site. We will meet and exceed customer expectations regardless of the type of project, regardless of the size. For more than 120 years the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has represented the best our industry has to offer. The self-funded apprenticeship training programs turn out the most skilled, knowledgeable, and structured professionals on the planet. The ability we have and the pride that we take in our craftsmanship has been passed on through the generations.

What Drives Us:

1. Providing people with a clean energy source that makes financial sense

2. Expanding the use of "Distributed Generation" which will add new
capabilities to our national power grid. It is especially useful in providing power to people in need when a large power plant goes offline, due to a natural disaster for example.

3. Making enough profit to freely provide our services in third-world countries. There are people whose lives can be changed drastically by having something as simple as electric refrigeration. Most people don't realize how many ways electricity makes life easier for us. Imagine your life without it!

4. Reducing Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Volatile Organic Compounds aka VOC's released into the atmosphere by coal-fired power plants

5. Avoiding future death and disaster from nuclear power plants such as Fukushima, Chernobyl, or Idaho Falls, just to name a few

6. Steering away from future oil spills that could be worse then the BP oil disaster which leaked 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico

Renewable Energy & Related Services Offered: 
Solar Electricity
Solar Water Heating
Wind Electricity
Microhydro Electricity
Battery Backup / Energy Storage
Solar Water Pumping
Solar Home Design/Construction
Energy Audit & Efficiency Services
Geothermal Heat Pump Systems