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In 2005, I presented at a public hearing to get approval to install a classic Jacobs Wind Electric wind turbine atop a 120-foot-tall tower in our backyard in Merton, Wisconsin. The opposition concern heard most often was over potential declining property values. It was only after five hearings that we finally received formal approval and installed the Jake in September 2006.

Afterward, I was determined to further prove that a residential small wind-electric system would, in fact, not cause a decline in neighborhood property values. I compared the prices of homes sold in the affected zone (our neighborhood) versus the entire town of Merton before and after the installation

Home values peaked in the United States and Merton in the second quarter of 2006. During the 12 years I looked at, the number of homes sold in a given year varied greatly.

I used various statistical tools to determine whether a wind genny affects residential property values. The conclusion that I drew was that a wind genny installation has no effect on the median home sales prices in a residential neighborhood. It is my sincere wish that this study will help make the approval process a bit smoother for anyone else encountering similar opposition to installation of their own residential wind turbine.

Willi Hampel • Merton, Wisconsin

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I completely agree with you, Alan. I think that it should not affect the real estate in any manner. Instead, it will increase its value than land. Actually that cost more than any other barred land. Visit -

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In my 20 years of real estate development I have never heard of wind turbines affecting property values. In my personal opinion there should be more subsidy and incentives given to people who are implementing them. The properties having wind turbines and solar panels should be having more value than other properties.

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