Kestrel Renewable Energy e400nb

Kestrel Renewable Energy e400nb
Kestrel Renewable Energy e400nb
Kestrel Renewable Energy e400nb

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has recently certified two wind turbines suitable for residential-scale systems: the Evance R9000 and Kestrel e400nb.

Kestrel Renewable Energy’s ( e400nb is a three-blade, upwind, horizontal-axis wind turbine with a 13.1-foot diameter and a swept area of 12.6 square meters. It is rated at 3 kW, and has options for battery charging (48 V) or being grid-tied via a Power-One Aurora PVI-3.6 inverter.

The machine has fiberglass blades, yaws passively, and has a mechanical brake for manual shutdown. Governing is via pitch control.

The estimated annual energy at an 11 mph average wind speed is 3,900 kWh. At an 8.9 mph average, estimated energy is 1,900 kWh per year. The warranty is two years.

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Matt Tritt's picture

Current tower offerings for the US e400nb are all self-supporting monopoles up to 30 meters and as low as 12 meters, all with hinged base. This generation of towers is very well made of all ASTM steel and is not sourced from Asia. I personally think that the 18 meter version is a good fit for most applications, provided that topographical conditions permit. We anticipate a 6 week lead time.

Richard MacKenzie's picture

My problem is not with wind turbines, given the choices between Evance 9000, Bergey, Kestrel e400, or Windspot 3.5, but rather finding a proper tower. I had my eye on a Rohn FK55-50 for ease of maintenance, but, because of the weight limit, it narrows the field. My choice is a free standing tower with a hinged base. I haven't found one yet. Maybe HP could do an article on different tower installations with off-grid home or farm applications in mind. R.M.

Matt Tritt's picture

This model Kestrel actually has a 5 year warranty here in the US. Max power (controlled by pitch control) on the e400 is 3,500 Watts. Tower-top weight is approx 550 lbs.

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