EJOT Solar Flashing

EJOT Solar Flashing
EJOT Solar Flashing

EJOT (ejot-usa.com) introduced its solar flashing product for use on three-tab asphalt shingle roofs. The system uses stainless steel fasteners and anodized aluminum flashing. Installation steps are predrilling with EJOT’s proprietary hole saw, placing the flashing, and screwing down the fastener. The flashing provides three layers of sealing: a pre-attached EDPM washer between the fastener and the flashing, structural foam between the flashing and the top shingle; and another washer to seal the penetration of the bottom shingle. Once in place, array mounting rails are commonly attached to the fastener with L-feet.

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naturalone's picture

looks like an awesome water tight setup...it would be nice to see detail for the underside of the fastener. Of course you would also want to hit a wood truss or rafter to get great support or install a nailer.

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We don't have a lot of room in the Gear feature to expound in that way, but I just checked the manufacturer's web site for their three-tab solar product, and it has a pretty good illustration which will show you how it attaches to the roof structure.

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