GEAR: Sonnen Lithium-Ion Battery-Based System

Sonnen introduces new Li-Ion battery systems.

Germany-based Sonnen ( is now manufacturing its battery storage system in San Jose, California, for the U.S. market. The maintenance-free system includes all balance-of-system components, with the inverter, controls, and metering integrated, and are intended to be AC-coupled with new or existing grid-tied RE systems. The residential “eco” model is offered in seven capacities, ranging from 4 to 16 kWh. The “pro” commercial model is available in six capacities, ranging from 24 to 240 kWh.

Both models can be used in self-consumption applications, making them useful in regions where storing and using on-site PV-generated energy on a daily basis, rather than feeding it back to the grid, makes financial sense. The eco model has a backup power mode to offer energy to household loads during power outages. Sonnen batteries use lithium-iron phosphate cells, known for their stability, and carry a warranty of 10,000 charge cycles or 10 years.

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I like the all-in-one design as an installer, but have a couple questions. What's the output voltage and power of the inverter(s)?
Do they have regulated battery charging when the power is out, or operating off-grid, or is it just off/on charging?
Batteries 10,000 cycles at what depth of discharge?

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Thanks, Mike, you beat me to it. Here is our website with all the details:

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Per their web site for the ECO: 240 VAC split phase, 3 to 8 kW. For the Pro: 30, 60, or 90 kW 480 VAC three phase. Lithium batteries require battery management systems to deal with each cell individually, so I assume the charging is well-controlled. 100% DOD,
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a plug-and-play system for small restaurants and villa's?

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Hi Albert. Depends on what you mean by small. Feel free to contact me via the website:

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Actually, what i have in mind is to offer for sale a small plug-and-play battery backup for homes primarily on the Caribbean islands where there are often power outages. The 1000-2000 W system should be able to power a small fridge, a flatscreen TV and/or laptop and some LED lighting. No Frills, anybody should be able to understand how it is used and as affordable as possible. I want as many people as possible to be able to buy it !! So I am looking at it from a reseller standpoint.
ON grid with minimal or no solar panels needed. Remember it has to be affordable and simple.

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