Evance Wind Turbines R9000

Evance Wind Turbines R9000
Evance Wind Turbines R9000
Evance Wind Turbines R9000

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) has recently certified two wind turbines suitable for residential-scale systems: the Evance R9000 and Kestrel e400nb.

Evance Wind Turbines’ (evancewind.com) R9000 is a three-blade, upwind, passive yaw, horizontal-axis wind turbine with an 18-foot diameter and a 23.8 m2 swept area. This pitch-controlled machine continues to generate while governing, capturing up to the full 5 kW power rating in high winds.

It has a 200 rpm nominal speed, with a permanent-magnet alternator. A 5 kW inverter provides 240 VAC, single-phase. Two 2.5 kW inverters are also available for three-phase output.

The estimated annual energy at 11 mph average wind speed is about 9,000 kWh. With 8.9 mph average, estimated energy is 5,000 kWh per year. The turbine carries a five-year warranty.

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Graham Southern's picture

I have had one of these in the back field for almost two years now. I live in Shetland, a small island off the top of Scotland UK. The winds here can get extreme but the turbine just keeps producing power and feathers the blades rather than turning out of the wind to control speed. It starts to generate with winds of about 3 metres per second but needs about 5 metres per second to develop useable power. Once it gets to about 10 metres per second it is producing the full output. It is well designed and so far seems very robust. I produce about 11,200 kWh per year into an off-grid system.

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