GEAR: SimpliPhi Power PHI2.6 & 3.4 Smart-Tech Lithium-Ion Batteries

SimpliPhi batteries for home RE systems.

SimpliPhi Power ( offers 24 V and 48 V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in 2.6 and 3.4 kWh models. Each battery has a BMS, a built-in 80 A DC circuit breaker (on/off switch), and is compatible with standard 24 V and 48 V battery-based inverters. These batteries can be drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries in on- or off-grid systems and have a 10-year warranty. These modular units are scalable and deployable in both small and utility-scale (MW) systems. They weigh 57.5 pounds and 75.5 pounds, respectively. Both versions have a wall-mount option. LiFePO4 battery chemistry is touted for safety, as it is not prone to thermal runaway.

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Mr. Bruce Arkwright, Jr.'s picture

Have you seen the new Aquion salt battery for sale?

Jim and Elaine Stack's picture

This is great. Lion batteries last much longer and don't out gas or have toxic materials in them. Home power storage will grow a lot with this ECO choice.

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Todd Cory_2 (not verified)

i get 30+ years out of lead calcium wet cells. they use next to no water, rarely need equalizing and also have very low self discharge. easily recyclable too.

i wonder if these lions will go 30 years in a standby application?

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I too have used lead-calcium flooded batteries. I got a used set that had been in standby in a hospital's large phone system, mostly floating for 8 years. Then I put them in my off-grid system and got another 12 years of daily cycling out of them.
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30+ years??
What make and model of battery are you using?
I also wanna know in what application, how often do you cycle them and to what DoD?

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We use Iron Edison Nickle Iron batteries for Solar back up with 30 year life. Check their website. They also have 10 year warrantied Lithium.

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