Air vents come in many styles. Finding the right one may take an Internet search.

I have a solar water heating system for potable water and need to replace the air-vent valve located on the roof next to the solar collectors. I have searched the Internet and made numerous inquiries, but have been unable to find a valve suitable for potable water.

Carl Sebern • via email

Finding repair parts is easy on the Internet if you know the component’s correct name and model. Photos are often the most help in identifying components. If a system is so old that the failed part is no longer manufactured, SWH firms can often recommend a replacement or workaround to bring an old system back online.

All of these SWH air-relief valves come from the HVAC industry. Although these parts may be recommended for nonpotable applications, I know tens of thousands have been used on potable systems in Florida and Hawaii. Here’s one link that displays several air valves, maybe you can find yours among them:

Chuck Marken • Home Power solar thermal editor

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