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Stephen and his array
The author with his power system in heavily wooded, sun-scarce coastal Oregon.
Balance of system
The power wall nears completion.
System batteries
Eight Xantrex 1200-200 sealed, absorbed glass mat batteries­—400 amp-hours (20 KWH) at 48 volts DC.
Stephen and his array
Balance of system
System batteries

I have a refrigerator, but I only plug it in when I am going to be around a lot. It is in a cooler part of the building. By midmorning, the sun is on the array and I can use the computer or watch TV with the surplus energy. Often these demands are offset by incoming solar energy.

Many cloudy days around here are punctuated with bright sun for an hour or so in the midafternoon. That is great timing in my opinion. As evening comes and lights go on, my other electricity use trails off. Most of the time, my batteries are quickly recharged the following day.


Stephen M. Dodd, 2089 Monroe St., North Bend, OR 97459 •

Bogart Engineering • 831-338-0616 • • TriMetric battery monitor

Conergy (formerly Dankoff Solar Products Inc.) • 888-396-6611 or 505-473-3800 • • Pump

Sharp Electronics • 800-SOLAR06 or 714-903-4600 • • PVs

Southwest Windpower • 866-807-9463 or 928-779-9463 • • Wind generator

Wrico International • 541-744-4333 • • Diesel engine generator

Xantrex Technology Inc. • 800-670-0707 or 360-435-8826 • • Inverter, charge controllers, batteries

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