RETURNS: Women in Solar Energy



Who: Women in Solar Energy (WISE) •

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded by: Kristen M. Nicole, solar industry veteran. Kristen has contributed to a variety of cutting-edge solar industry efforts, including national endeavors in grid-integration research, development, and energy policy. In addition to solar projects across a variety of market segments, Kristen is an account director at Dividend Finance, selling an integrated financial technology solution, and serves on the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ board of directors.

Mission: “To advance women in all aspects of the solar energy industry.

Women in Solar Energy (WISE) is the networking center point of the solar energy industry, united toward a common goal of advancing women in all aspects of the solar energy industry and promoting diversity, inclusion, and forward-thinking business practices in our community. This is done through education, capacity building, advocacy, strategic partnerships, networking, and events.

WISE was founded on the idea that the collective power of the female community is massive, and if we can all work together, the end result can be revolutionary.”

Recent Projects & Programs:

  • WISE Tribe and WISE Web are the organization’s membership and portal hubs, respectively, for individuals looking for online resources, networking, and information to advance and support a robust career in the solar energy industry.
  • WISE Global is a partnership effort with like-minded international NGOs working to promote the mission and vision of WISE internationally.
  • WISE Solar is the project development arm that is actively seeking to develop solar projects on women’s and domestic violence shelters around the country.
  • WISE Honey is a partnership initiative with sexual assault and violence prevention programs, and provides economic support, trauma-recovery information, and networked resources.

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