MAIL: Early Home Power Author Uses RE ’Til the End

Home Power Issue #4 Cover
Home Power issue #4, April/May 1988.
Home Power Issue #4 Cover

Just dropping y’all a line and letting the ol’ timers on your staff and readers know that my father, Gerald L. Ames Sr., passed away at his renewably powered home in Okanogan, Washington, earlier this year at the age of 75.

He wrote “A Working Wind/PV System” in HP4 and “Charging Batteries Can Be A Gas” in HP6. 

The system he built is still operational. It has had a few battery changes along the way, but the main system is still going at 24 years, folks. Keep up the great work, and long live Home Power magazine.

Jay Ames (Gerald L. Ames Jr.) • via email

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