Silicon Energy Cascade PV Module

Cascade PV Module
Silicon Energy's new Cascade PV Module
Cascade PV Module

Silicon Energy ( has released its next-generation Cascade PV module. Like its predecessor, this module has a glass-on-glass construction, which allows about 10% of the light to pass through, making the modules useful for building projects such as awnings and carports. The Cascade modules have an integrated mounting structure with an enclosed wire raceway, and a frameless design to easily shed water, dirt, and snow. The new modules are about 3 pounds lighter than their predecessors, and the mounting system requires one-third fewer roof penetrations. Other enhancements include an antireflective coating on the front glass and high-current Amphenol connectors.

Because the manufacturer is based in Marysville, Washington, Silicon Energy modules qualify for higher in-state incentive payments through the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment program.

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There have been reports of substantial failure of this product, including both delamination and diode failure. Silicon Energy is non responsive (out of business?) and is not responding to warranty claims. Do not purchase these modules, or a system containing these modules, without prior inspection by a trained professional. At this point, this product ranges somewhere between useless and dangerous. If you have this product, talk to your installer about warranty replacement, and/or your homeowner's insurance about reimbursement.
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