Schneider Electric - Next Generation Conext XW+ Inverters

Conext inverter photo
Schneider Electric's Conext XW+ 5548 NA and XW+ 6648 NA battery-based inverters.
Conext inverter photo

Schneider Electric ( introduced the Conext XW+ 5548 NA and XW+ 6648 NA battery-based inverters. These multimode inverters can be used in both residential and commercial off-grid and grid-tied renewable energy systems.

The XW inverters have split-phase 120/240 AC output and dual AC inputs, so systems can be connected to both the utility and a generator for additional backup. The 48 VDC battery charger provides 110 A for the 5,500 W model and 140 A for the 6,600 W unit. The XW+ models include options for peak-load shaving (to avoid utility peak rates), support for lithium-ion batteries, and a self-consumption mode (to minimize grid-energy consumption via cycling the battery bank). Additionally, a new feature can use frequency shift with compatible batteryless inverters to support AC-coupled systems in both on- and off-grid modes (see “Methods” in this issue). The CEC efficiency is 93% and 92.5% for the 5,500 W and 6,600 W units, respectively.

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