OutBack Power Radian Inverters

With GridZero and Advanced Battery Charge Modes
OutBack Power Radian Inverters
OutBack Power Radian Inverters
OutBack Power Radian Inverters

OutBack Power (outbackpower.com) released its GS8048A and GS4048A Radian inverters for North America. These battery-based inverters include two new features:

  • The GridZero AC input mode is used to power on-site AC loads primarily from the renewable energy source and/or the battery bank, minimizing grid-power usage. With GridZero technology, utility energy is used only when the batteries reach a specific depth of discharge. In this mode, the system does not sell power to the grid. This feature addresses the fact that solar incentives and buy-back policies of renewable energy are changing in markets such as Europe, Hawaii, and California, making “self-consumption” of renewable energy more desirable for some installations.
  • The inverters’ Advanced Battery Charge mode can accommodate specific charging profiles for uncommon battery types, such as lithium-ion.

Justine Sanchez

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Fred Golden's picture

This seems like such a great idea! The inverter should be able to keep track of the battery depth of discharge via input from a shunt like used in the E-Meter. This will prevent problems such as charging the battery bank when the solar system should be sending all that power to the grid, or allow it's use in the home. This seems like the ideal set up when critical needs are in the home, such as oxygen concentrator, and other medical equipment.

If you can also tell the system to charge the battery at night when you have lower grid prices, that would be ideal!

My new computer said "Charging to 80% full can extend battery life" of the LI-Io battery. It will be really nice when the user can program the charging details to exactly what they need.

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