New Sunny Island Inverter Models

SMA America Inverter
SMA America introduces its 4548-US and 6048-US models.
SMA America Inverter

SMA America ( introduced two new models to its line of battery-based inverters for use in off-grid or grid-tied backup power systems.

The 4548-US and 6048-US models join the existing 5048-US Sunny Island inverter. The 4548 model has a continuous output rating of 4,500 W, while the 6048 is rated for 5,750 W. The 4548-US and the 6048-US have CEC-rated efficiencies of 94.5% and 94%, respectively. Both models can surge to 11,000 W for three seconds and have 120 VAC output. However, they can be stacked for 120/240 split-phase and three-phase operation. Both require 48-volt battery banks, and have 85 A battery chargers. No-load draw and standby consumption is 25 W and 4 W for both models. These inverters come with a five-year standard warranty, which is extendable to 20 years.


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