KACO Blueplanet Inverters with Integrated Tigo MMUs

KACO Blueplanet Inverter
The KACO Blueplanet Inverter includes an integrated Tigo Maximizer Management Unit (MMU).
KACO Blueplanet Inverter

PV systems using Tigo Energy module maximizers preinstalled in “smart modules” can now include inverters that communicate directly with individual PV maximizers. KACO (kaco-newenergy.com) has released its 6400/7600M inverters integrated with the Tigo Maximizer Management Unit (MMU).

Systems using maximizers include module-level MPPT, module-level monitoring, and help keep any modules operating at lower output levels from adversely affecting others in the string. Integrating the MMU into the inverter reduces material costs and labor. The MMU “PV Safe” button is also integrated into the inverter, allowing deactivation of the high-voltage direct current—limiting exposure to the open-circuit voltage of a single module.

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