GEAR: SunPower Equinox System


SunPower’s ( Equinox System is a complete residential PV system. It includes SunPower AC modules (with factory-installed microinverters); a low-profile InvisiMount rail-based mounting system; and an EnergyLink monitoring platform. SunPower’s 96-cell SPR-X22-360-C-AC module has a 360 W STC rating with a +5/‑0 power tolerance, and a 22.2% average module efficiency. On the AC side, the module has a 320 W maximum continuous power rating.

Up to 12 AC modules can be connected to a single 20 A, 240 VAC branch circuit. The InvisiMount has integrated grounding and bonding; the system as a whole carries a Class A fire rating. Because this system utilizes microinverters, it satisfies 2017 National Electrical Code rapid shutdown requirements for both outside and inside the array boundary. The EnergyLink system monitors both consumption and production. Equinox systems carry a 25-year combined product and power warranty.

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